Nos principes de management

Les principes développés ci-après sont le fondement de nos actions et de nos orientations.

Flash Fallback Visual Leadership Principles

Take responsibility

  • Our goal is to be available to our employees and make sure they stay healthy.
  • We want our actions to provide a good example, and we stand behind our employees' decisions.
  • We want to admit our mistakes openly and honestly – and learn from them.

Make decisions

  • We resolve to make clear, understandable, efficient decisions – taking our employees into account – and to communicate these decisions quickly.
  • We want to encourage everyone to make decisions.

Walk the talk

  • "Say what you mean and mean what you say!"
  • That's what we want to live up to.

Recognition and appreciation

  • We respect the uniqueness of each of our employees and want to take the time to be available to them..
  • We use praise in an honest way.

Allow freedom

  • We want to trust our employees, giving them the space and time for independent, responsible work so that they can develop further.
  • "Lateral thinking" and "visions" are particularly important to us.

Share successes

  • Open communication about successes – and failures – is important to us, so we will work through failures together and celebrate successes together.
  • Because success is one of the few things that increase when they are shared.